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For me, instruments and vocals are always a means of conveying feelings and I try to capture those feelings in every recording session.

The performance of the musicians and the quality of the instruments are just as important as the selection and position of the microphones. At the end of the day it's always about the song's vision. Together we develop and implement this vision.

A good mix always starts with the great recording.

Mixing & Mastering

I offer a mixing and masteringservice at fair prices. It doesn't matter if you send me tracks online or if you want to be part of the mixing sessions, almost everything is possible.

Just send me a rough mix of the song (s) and you will get an individual offer based on the effort of the mix. However, the price will not exceed 400 euros per song.

If you have any references, wishes or ideas for the songs, I am happy to hear them. It's YOUR music and the best mix is the one YOU like.


If you need a composer or co-writer for your music projects, we may can work together. I work for many national and international artists, creating music and lyrics based on their musical vision.

Since songwriters are not usually paid at a flat rate, a possible cooperation depends strongly on the market relevance of the project. The best way is to contact me personally or contact Meisel Musikverlage / Edition Keine Faxen for an information request.


In my opinion, offering productions in every genre is not authentic. Nevertheless, I can help genre - independently with any production. Together with session - musicians and authors I offer music productions in the field of Hip Hop, Pop, RnB and Soul.

Workshops & Lectures

As a long-time lecturer at the SAE Institute Berlin, Noisy Academy, Ulanda and Akademie-Media as well as a Steinberg certified trainer, I offer workshops as well as private lessons in the field of sound engineering and music production. I also offer workshops and tutoring on Steinberg products such as Cubase and Wavelab, as well as company training and advanced training in the field of sound engineering.

Planning & Conception

Not every studio operator, audio engineer or music producer is also able to carry out technical planning and implementation in the recording studio field.

I offer a comprehensive service that will relieve you of these tasks. I will be happy to help you with the planning of the equipment, creation of shopping lists and wiring diagrams up to the soldering of patchbays and wall boxes.

Sebastian Metzner Rickards is an educated audio engineer from Berlin, Germany.

After graduating as an event technology specialist in 2007, Sebastian works for various event technology companies and mixes concerts and live shows in Germany.

In 2010 he completed his Audio Engineering Diploma at the SAE Institute Berlin. Since 2011 he has been working as a lecturer at SAE Institute and has been head of audio engineering department from 2013 till 2017. In 2013 Sebastian starts working as a Certified Trainer for Steinberg. In addition to SAE Institute, he also teaches at Noisy Academy, WAVE Akademie and works as a lecturer for Akademie-Media.

In 2015 he opens the littlemediastudios in Berlin, Schöneberg which was renamed into enlight music in 2021.

Since mid-2018 his music has been published by Meisel Musikverlage.

In recent years Sebastian has worked with many successful artists such as Klaus Hoffmann, Gunter Gabriel, Kool Savas, Vega, Silla and Alfi Arcuri.



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Other microphones can be rent. Please feel free to ask.


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