The littlemediastudios in Berlin, Schöneberg are altogether over 170 m² in size. In addition to the approx. 60 m² recording studio, the studio consists of a cosy lounge area with kitchen and sanitary facilities, a workshop for repairs and soldering work and a 65 m² photo studio, which can also be used as a lounge.

The recording room is approx. 30 m² in size and acoustically optimized for recording. In addition to a drum kit, other instruments such as acoustic and electric guitars including amps, basses, percussions and keyboards are available.

With a large selection of microphones from Neumann, Gefell, Shure, AKG and others, it is possible to capture different sound nuances and respond flexibly to every recording situation. In addition, almost every microphone for sessions can be borrowed on request.

The control room is also acoustically optimized and features a linear monitoring system from KS Digital, which is expanded with a 12″ subwoofer in the bass range. Of course, it is also possible to listen on the Yamaha NS-10 studio monitors, which are familiar to many engineers.

The control room is equipped with high-quality analogue and digital devices from companies such as Neve, Urei, Trident, Focusrite and Roland. The latest version of Steinberg Cubase is available as DAW, other DAWs can also be installed on request. A large variety of plug-ins are also available.

For more information, just send me a message.