I offer a professional mastering service.

Here I will get the best possible out of your songs and make sure that your music gets loud enough for all media. In any case, I always respect the mix of a song and the artist’s vision.

If you are not completely satisfied with the mixes of your songs, there is also the possibility to do a so called stem – mastering. Up to 8 individual stereo groups (e. g. drums, vocals, instruments, FX etc.) of the song can be delivered for mastering, so that I can focus more specifically on problems in the mix. It’s important to understand that I get more involved in the mix while mastering, so you should only consider this possibility if you’re not satisfied with your mix and want me to change it.

Nowadays, playback media has become much more diverse than 10 years ago. Download portals and streaming services such as Youtube, Spotify and Itunes have become the preferred platforms for music consumption. For this reason, it is essential to consider the different target media during the mastering process. When mastering for Itunes or other streaming services, it is important to deal with certain aspects that are not necessarily the same as those of CD mastering. It is therefore often necessary to create different mastering versions of a title.

Also the implementation of meta data like ISRC codes, ID3 tags or the creation of a DDP image are part of my services.